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Forex GOLD Investor EA MT4 v1.94 Without DLL Build 1420

Forex GOLD Investor EA MT4 v1.94 Without DLL Build 1420

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Forex GOLD Investor EA is an intelligent expert advisor designed for trading GOLD(XAUUSD). It has two trading systems and strong integrated features for maximum profit and drawdown protection. The expert advisor is fully automated, requires minimal optimization, and has a revolutionary Broker Spy Module to provide important insights into broker behavior. The latest version (1.9) includes a Time Management System for trading at optimal hours, but the EA remains profitable even without it, showcasing adaptability to market conditions.


Key Takeaways:

  • It consists of two trading systems, one based on scalping and the other on time dependence. 
  • The advisor is designed for the M15 timeframe and has features such as intelligent money management, precise entry and exit algorithms, and drawdown protection. 
  • It is fully automated and adaptable to different market conditions. Additionally, it includes a Broker Spy Module to provide insight into broker behavior.

Forex GOLD Investor EA Setting

Forex GOLD Investor EA Results

This EA is an Expert Advisor for trading GOLD(XAUUSD) in the forex market.

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