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Alpha Striker

Alpha Striker

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Alpha Striker is an expertly crafted Expert Advisor meticulously engineered for operation on Meta Trader 4, leveraging a strategy based on Smart Money Concepts. With its remarkable ability to pass Prop Firms coupled with a high winning rate, this EA ensures a reliable and consistent trading experience. Notably, it eschews the Martingale strategy, instead focusing on a maximum daily drawdown of 3%. Its entry points are strategically executed based on supply and demand dynamics, reflecting a nuanced and sophisticated approach to trading.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alpha Striker is designed to apply smart money concepts and is best suited for passing prop firm challenges on platforms like Meta Trader 4 for currency pairs USDCAD, EURGBP, and AUDNZD.
  • Expert Advisor follows a strategy based on smart money concepts, avoids martingale strategy, and maintains a maximum 3% daily drawdown, making it suitable for trend trading and entry on orderblocks.
  • The EA is specifically tailored for passing prop firm challenges such as FTMO, My Funded Fx, The Funded Trader, and True Forex Funds, as well as for live funded accounts, offering a specialized approach to trading.

Alpha Striker Setting / Feature

  • Used on platform: Meta Trader 4
  • Currency pairs: USDCAD,EURGBP,AUDNZD
  • Time frame: M15.
  • Strategy Based on Smart Money Concepts.
  • Passing Prop Firms.
  • No Martingale Strategy.
  • Max 3% Daily Drawdown.
  • Works With Trend Trading.
  • Entry on Orderblocks.
  • Best for passing & live funded accounts.
  • This a best smart money concept robot for passing prop firm challenges like FTMO,My Funded Fx,The Funded Trader,True Forex Funds Etc.
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